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Point Conception

Graphic Design, Textile Design & more

Redefining a Bathing Suit Line with Modern Flair!

Working closely with the owner and talented textile artists, we embarked on a transformative journey to revamp an outdated bathing suit line. My traditional hand drawing skills, combined with digital expertise, allowed us to craft custom and unique designs that breathed new life into the collection.

Embracing Urban Appeal: Unveiling the Winners!

Through numerous in-house designs and drawings, we curated a style that exuded urban appeal. The introduction of a distinctive Swarovski crystal motif featuring a skull and crossbone set the trend, leading to a wave of admiration from bathing suit enthusiasts.

A Resounding Success at Miami's Largest Convention!

At Miami's premier bathing suit convention, our line took the stage and captured hearts. Larger bathing suit companies were quick to follow suit, acknowledging the impact of our distinctive style. To see our vision embraced and duplicated was a gratifying compliment.

Surf into the Future: Refresh Your Brand!

Is your brand longing for a modern transformation? Ride the waves of awesome with us! Contact me today, and let's dive into the design process together, creating a fresh and dynamic look that will make your brand stand out in the modern era.

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