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Happy Pantry

Branding, Packaging & Website

Happy Pantry is no stranger to fermentation and the healthy benefits it has to your overall healthy. Kvass recipes date back to the Year 989!  Happy Pantry ferment their beets to harness the incredible nutritional benefits of this powerful root vegetable. Fermentation increases the bio-availability of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. With a major label overhaul we had great success in tying all skus together under one cohesive brand. 


From their heart healthy BEET KVASS to their kick start that inner fire Demonic Tonic. Talk about killing the demons inside! Scorcher! Premium crafted creativity is what we ended up to tie in hand with the hand crafted tonics they conjure up in a kitchen.

Don't wait contact me today and lets see what we can cook up together!

Check them out and keep the demons at bay:


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